What Casino Games Are Available For Free Online Play?

Most online casinos offering free gaming have some or all of the following games below included in their free assortment. Many have an even wider variety but here are short descriptions and some advice about the games you will encounter most often. This should help you decide where to begin your online gaming. Please visit real money online casinos and make real money online.

• Slot machines – online slot machines are truly a virtual representation of their physical counterparts – all that you will miss is the physical act of pulling down the machine arm. Possibly the easiest option for non-gamers or beginners, slots are not a skill-based game. They’re fun and easy and depending on the brand of the machine you’re playing, they can be entertaining as well. Several popular branded slots such as Monopoly and Cluedo are available for play online as well. Please visit new online casinos usa friendly and make money.

• Blackjack – also known as twenty-one, this is one of the most widely known table games available. Blackjack has a small learning curve to get the basic rules and hand signals down making it a relatively easy game to learn conceptually. Mastering the game requires a bit of time and skill but even before reaching expert level, many gamers enjoy occasional winnings playing blackjack.

• Baccarat – a unique game compared to most table games and one that many non-gamers are not familiar with already. Many unfamiliar gamers pass over Baccarat because they haven’t heard of it, but it is a great gaming option for new players because it is largely luck-based, not skill-based. The goal of each hand in Baccarat is not to win the hand, it is to guess who will win the hand – dealer, player or tie. No hand signals to learn, not cards to count, simply try to predict the winner.

• Poker – one of the most popular choices for online gaming among more experienced players, poker requires a good deal of skill to play successfully. With many standard poker variations including 5-card draw, Texas Hold’em and 5-card stud as well as new proprietary versions created for each casino, even experienced players sometimes need to learn a few new rules to play online poker games. Although free games are risk free, some gamers will choose a slightly easier game when they begin playing. On the other hand, since you’ve got nothing to lose, free-to-play poker is a pretty good idea.

• Craps – for most readers, this is what you think of when you think of casino dice games. Craps has been around for years and despite the very complex playing table, it isn’t as difficult to learn as many assume. It is possible to play craps after learning only a couple of the many rules of the game but, not surprisingly, the more you know about the game, the table layout and the strategies used to play, the greater your odds of winning will become. Free-to-play craps tables are an excellent choice for new players of the game as it gives them free practice to learn the rules and start to apply them before they start wagering real money.

• Roulette – this is another game that is fairly easy to pick up and doesn’t involve very heavy strategy in winning. Play centers around a spinning wheel with numbers around it and a small marker that moves around the numbers as the wheel is spun. When the wheel stops, the marker lands on a number and players receive various payouts based on how they placed their bets. There are a number of bets possible, from a single number or a color (black or red) to sets of numbers based on how they are arranged on the wheel. Sets might be two or more adjacent numbers on the wheel. Figuring out the proper payouts may be more difficult considering the number of bets possible but this is a good option for newer gamers as they don’t need to memorize a significant number of rules.