Why Do Casinos Offer Free Online Gaming?

First things first, let’s get rid of the elephant in the room. Casinos offer free online games for one real reason: to get new players for their paid online games. Visit casino and you can make a fortune.

They don’t make much money if you aren’t playing with money and it does cost money to attract new players and maintain the network system needed to support the free games. Please visit casinoinquirer.com and make money.

They make more money when players convert from free games to paid games. Fortunately for those of us that enjoy the free games, the casinos don’t need 100% of users to convert to real-money games.

I’m not saying it’s wrong of casinos to use free online gaming options to bring in new players. It’s a very smart move on their part. I’m just mentioning it so that you are aware of this goal when you start playing any of the many free online games that are available. Please visit big win online casino and make extra money online.

Be sure to notice when you sign up for any online gaming site whether the terms you agree to include any details about limits on free gaming and of course, if a credit card is needed to sign up, be especially careful to note any automatic payments or fees that might be charged after a given time period.